our Innovative solution

to TRANSFORM the textile industry


Less water use. Less toxicity. More colours. More integration. More responsible.

Multiple bottles containing Octarine colours in a purple hue.
The Pressing Issue

Notoriously known for its detrimental impacts on people and the planet, there’s a call for radical change in the textile industry. A key pressure point: the dying process. Due to its heavy energy consumption, impact on water systems and harmful toxic chemicals, the textile industry is the second largest polluter in the world after the oil industry. Combined with the rising demand for clothing year after year, a change is desperately needed. OB-CLR is our response.

Key Benefits

At its core, we’re trying to make the switch from traditional dyes to OB-CLR as seamless as possible because we believe that responsible colors shouldn’t come at a cost.

Environmentally & Socially Responsible

No toxic or harmful chemicals to people or the planet

Low water and energy use

Sustainably produced from renewable sources

Enhanced Material Properties

First-in-industry natural colour spectra

Excellent color strength and fastness on a wide range of natural and even synthetic fibers

Efficient dyeing under ambient conditions without mordants, chemical additives or pre-treatments

Seamlessly Integrated

Ease of Scalability

Cost Effective

A complete drop-in replacement for synthetic colors

vividness and vibrance
Novel Color Spectrum

Vibrance at the Core

Life is meant to be lived in color. But it shouldn’t come at a cost. Our vibrant OB-CLR color spectrum is yet to be seen before in the nature-based dyes industry, allowing for the vibrance of purples, blues, pinks, and greens to shine in a responsible manner. Natural dyes are well known for their rich, earthy hues like reds, oranges, browns. However, they’ve encountered challenges in matching the vividness and vibrance of synthetic alternatives. This is where OB-CLR comes in, poised to usher a transformative shift in what’s possible. Its color redefined by science & nature.

planetary well-being

Where progress isn’t just a

possibility, but a reality.

With the textile industry having an alarming influence on water resources, appetite for energy and a worrisome level of greenhouse gas emissions, we’re standing at an environmental tipping point. To put this further into perspective, many of the most popular synthetic dyes used in today’s market contain significant amounts of hazardous substances, including heavy metals and formaldehyde-based compounds. Unfortunately, these have been linked with a range of adverse ecological and human health risks. OB-CLR is completely non-toxic and biodegradable, and since it binds directly to textiles without the use of mordants or other chemical additives, results in significantly less water and energy use, and eliminates the use and environmental discharge of toxic chemicals during the dyeing process. This propels it as an impactful way to reduce our impact on the planet.

In comparison to traditional Color manufacturing processes


Lower CO2-eq Emissions


Lower Human Toxicity Potential


Lower Energy Usage


Lower Ecotoxicity
In comparison to traditional fabric dying processes


Lower CO2 Emissions


Lower Human Toxicity Potential


Lower Energy Usage


Lower Ecotoxicity

Integrated products are

Transformative products

Seamless Integration

An innovative product becomes essentially redundant or meaningless if it can’t be easily adopted. Therefore, we’ve made ease of integration and scalability a key ambition of OB-CLR. In simplest terms, OB-CLR can be easily plugged into a commercial partner’s existing supply chain system in a cost-effective manner. Synthetic dyes have historically been easy and cost-effective to use. We’ve made our product and process easy to integrate without compromising on color or performance. This proves to be a genuinely sustainable one-to-one replacement for synthetic dyes.

Scalability is rooted in leveraging well-established techniques that we already know around the globe. Fermentation isn’t a novel process. It’s used for an array of products and holds a well-established global presence, meaning that our innovative manufacturing process can be performed across the globe. This decentralised process also reduces the level of emissions needed to distribute our products to every corner of the globe. For us, seamless integration is a way of stretching out our hand to commercial partners to join our responsible color journey.