At our core, we harness the wisdom of nature to fuel our innovative planetary solutions.

Our Journey

At our core, we harness the wisdom of nature to fuel our innovative planetary solutions. A journey driven by passion, guided by expertise, and rooted in the belief that together, we can create a world where progress is not just a possibility but a reality. We’re pioneers of discovery, charting the course toward a better future.

“We see a clear path to making the change that we want to see.”

What drive us

This makes us, us.

We are a diverse team with an array of exceptional skills. And we each share common values that inherently become a part of Octarine, driving us forward every day. At our core, we are:


We’re technical through and through. Yet, we’re constantly exploring new ways to expand our knowledge base. It’s this mindset that leads to radical innovation. We seek breakthroughs that don’t just push boundaries; but redefine what’s possible.


We’re playful in our exploration, but we’re serious about our responsibility. Our planet needs people standing up and taking charge of pressing planetary issues. With our specialised expertise, we are committed to leading industries towards a new, responsible future.


We can see the path that lies ahead. We know where we’re heading. And we know we’ll get there. Our resilience will keep us pushing forward to push the boundaries of possibility.

Our impact

What we’re heading towards

Our reason for existence stems from our sense of responsibility and commitment to the planet. Nature is a living beauty that needs to be respected, understood, and protected for future generations. As we say, we’re inspired by nature to protect nature. With our flagship product, OB-CLR, we’re responding to an industry prolific with detrimental environmental and social issues.

While OB-CLR stands as our leading product, our commitment to fostering impactful bio-based innovations extends far beyond. Our initial focus is on the textile industry, and for good reason. This industry has an alarming influence on water resources, a voracious appetite for energy and a worrisome level of greenhouse gas emissions. To put this further into perspective, many of the most popular synthetic dyes used in today’s market contain significant amounts of hazardous substances, including heavy metals and formaldehyde-based compounds. Unfortunately, these have been linked with a range of adverse ecological and human health risks. Therefore, nature-based color dyes have the most potential for Octarine to make an immediate significant difference.