Who we are

Octarine Bio is a world leading synthetic biology platform with a core mission to drive bio-based, sustainable solutions to address the most pressing planetary issues through innovation & exploration. Inspired by nature, to protect nature.

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We’re harnessing nature

to drive sustainable solutions

Our Mission
Exploring and Innovating for People and the Planet

Our mission is central to our identity, not just a formality. It is a commitment that transcends mere compliance but fuels our radical action. We hold the capacity and the responsibility to transform industries for the betterment of people and the planet. We’re driving sustainable solutions to address the most pressing planetary issues through innovation and exploration.

Our Technology

Cell-factory Engineering and Precision Fermentation

The path to positive change is founded in our technical know-how. We excel in cell-factory engineering and precision fermentation. This enables us to design custom-made microbes producing a wide array of bio-based ingredients by fermentation, such as textile dyes, skincare Ingredients, health supplements, and many other new and innovative products.

Enzymatic Enhancement

We’re inspired by nature, to protect nature. But to go beyond what nature can provide, we develop advanced enzyme technology to precisely modify natural ingredients to create new and improved products with enhanced and optimized properties. Using our proprietary enzyme technology, we've successfully improved the solubility, stability, and bioavailability of natural ingredients, delivering improved, value-added products to our partners and customers.

These two technologies are the underpinning pillars of Octarine's scientific brilliance, empowering us to usher in a new era where natural ingredients can be made accessible on a commercial scale for the very first time. Moreover, they enable us to enhance these ingredients’ inherent qualities when needed, to overcome the barriers that have hindered their commercialization. With each new breakthrough we make, we’re not just pushing the boundaries; we’re redefining what’s possible.